The Food Initiative of Greater Stanislaus County 

(formerly Interfaith Ministries)

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Stanislaus County

Our Mission
Many faiths; one purpose—restoring dignity, health, and hope.

Hunger isn’t an abstract idea here. Poverty isn’t just something we see on the news. They are quiet and pervasive afflictions that almost certainly affect someone you know. At IFM, we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with this community to fight for health in a tangible way.

Health is hope. Hope changes lives in more ways than we can count, but without you we are just a building, some lofty ideas, and some furniture. We can’t do this without you.

Food Initiative Volunteer Story


Michael and his dog, Petey, would sit in our lobby everyday. At the time they were living out of Michael’s barely running vehicle. Sometimes they were there to receive services, but most times he and Petey just needed a place to sit and be out of the cold. Michael was a staple in the Interfaith lobby and would engage in pleasant conversation with both clients and staff.

Now Michael volunteers everyday for 8 hours in all areas of our facility. In the warehouse, food pantry, and does lots of cleaning, even the windows. Petey has his own blanket that stays at the facility with plenty of love and attention from staff and other volunteers.

Our staff was able to assist Michael and Petey in finding a trailer to live in and move it to a safe location. It is because of dedicated volunteers that we can continue to Feed Modesto.


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