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Stanislaus County

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In Modesto and our surrounding area, there are more than 800 children who are in and out of foster care. Our passion is to first help families stay together, but in the cases where this is not possible we want to see every child in a loving home.

Love ALL Our Kids Director

Crystal McKiernan

Crystal has worked as the Love ALL our Kids Director since 2018. Before her time as the director, Crystal spent years as a Stanislaus County Social Worker. 




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Shelter and Care for Two People

Modesto Gospel Mission

Provides meals and shelter for two people for one night


$25 - $500


Center for Human Services - Pathways

Provides a comfortable mattress for a Pathways resident


$250 - $1,250

Care Kits

Center for Human Services - Hutton House

Provides care kits for 10 homeless youth


$250 - $2,000


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