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Stanislaus County

Love All Our Kids works directly with County Child Welfare to identify the specific needs of foster children and their families.


With this list of needs, we have inspired hundreds of community members who have stepped up to help.  Through this framework, we have been able to keep birth families together and children out of the system which ultimately increases the health of these kids overall. 


The reality is we are all just one crisis away from needing a helping hand.  Will you lend yours to a child in need?

Love ALL Our Kids Director


Crystal McKiernan

Crystal is a mom to four amazing kids, two of which, came to her family through foster care and adoption.  As her family walked through that process, a passion grew in her heart that would become a life long mission. Kids in the foster care system matter and deserve to feel seen, heard, and loved. They go to our schools, play on sports teams with our kids, and live down the street. Being placed in foster care is traumatic and difficult for a child and we want to be the ones who stand in the gap. Who say “We see you. You matter. You deserve love.  How can we help?”.  


It is the mission of Love ALL Our Kids to elevate these voices and to inspire the community to come alongside them with support. When the opportunity to become the Love All Our Kids Director came her way, Crystal knew she could not pass it up because this work is important and she has seen first hand the difference it can make. 



Graduation Gifts

Graduation Gifts

Every High School Graduate deserves someone to celebrate them. Help us give graduation gift baskets to youth in foster care!

Love ALL Our Kids General Donation

Love ALL Our Kids General Donation

Every donation can make a difference! Click below to see some examples of how your donation can help.

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