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Stanislaus County

What initially was created to help local cannery workers, has blossomed into a community based organization offering assistance in adult literacy, GED preparation, family literacy, English as a second language, and jail education.

Mission: Empowering adults through educational services and improving self-reliance for the family.

Over 100,000 adults in Stanislaus County have difficulty using an ATM machine or reading a bus schedule. Not being able to read well affects everything from a person’s ability to find a job, to read to their child, to filling out health forms.

Through a wide range of FREE literacy services, like reading, writing, math, life, technology and work skills, LearningQuest helps a diverse population of learners meet their needs and achieve their personal and employment-related goals. (Hablamos español)

LearningQuest Volunteer



Carol has been tutoring with LearningQuest since March 2013. When she was younger, she felt she “didn’t catch on to sight or memorizing methods of reading”, consequently she herself needed a tutor. “Suddenly it all made sense and opened up many windows of opportunity for me.” Carol went on to become a beautician and later worked in a floral shop as a floral designer for over 25 years. She also spent many years as a Sunday school teacher and really loved it; which sparked her desire to give back and begin tutoring.

Carol jumps in completely to build rapport with her students quickly and uses her own creativity to keep them engaged with Scrabble and her own brand of flash cards. Carol inspires other tutors with her excitement and dedication. Her students look forward to their sessions with her and have grown, not only in their reading and writing skills but also in self-confidence. She is an important part of the LearningQuest team!


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Subject Tests/Curriculum Books

It costs $50 to cover the cost of 4 subject test fees or 3-5 curriculum books for one student

Family Home Library

It costs $50 to provide books for a Family Home-Library Starter Kit of at least 3-4 high quality children books.

Full Scholarship

The average cost for an adult to earn their diploma is $400. This scholarship keeps the High School Equivalency (HSE) program, services, and materials free for those students.

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