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Stanislaus County

Our goal is to prepare homeless men and women for the workforce and to help them move forward and into regular employment. The old adage, “get a job, bum” is too simple and unrealistic when we stop to think about the many challenges that people face simply to find a place to shower, launder their clothes, get an ID and other vital documents, and access their email or phone messages.

A bridge is needed if homeless men and women are to move toward employment, housing, and other goals. We strive to build that bridge and hope that you are interested in helping us build that bridge too!

Downtown Streets Team Project Manager


Greg Pensinger

As Project Manager of the Modesto Downtown Streets Team, Greg Says, "I am lucky to be able to come to work everyday and continue the mission of ending homelessness through the dignity of work and through community engagement. With our Team Members, my colleagues and our many community partners, we’re changing the conversation around homelessness. I look forward to developing new partnerships with organizations, businesses, elected officials, community members, and others who are willing and able to commit their unique knowledge, skill sets, and resources to tackling this issue."


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Move-In Kit

Move-In Kit

$100 provides basic essentials for those who are moving into a new residence.

Employment Related Training

Employment Related Training

$150 helps cover the costs of training for future employment.

Employment Certifications & Licenses

Employment Certifications & Licenses

$50 helps cover fees and expenses to obtaining licenses and certifications for employment for one person.


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