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Stanislaus County

Our mission is to change lives and build futures through programs that strengthen and support youth and families.

We serve children, families and individuals each year by providing quality treatment for mental health and addiction issues, shelter and educational services and connection to resources in our community.

Hutton House is a temporary shelter for youth in crisis who are ages 13-17. It provides services in a residential setting for 8 youth at a time for a maximum of 15 days. Day services are available for youth and their families. Crisis line is available 24 hours a day.

Pathways is a supportive services and transitional housing program for young adults ages 18-24 years who are or may become homeless.

Center for Human Services Volunteer


Bill had seen an ad in the newspaper for volunteers needed at Hutton House. He and his wife started volunteering every Sunday for 4 hours, doing various things like helping with dinner, playing board games, taking the kids out for activities around town. Eventually, Bill’s wife stopped volunteering, but Bill continued and he even added an additional day of the week where he facilitated one hour of group time with the kids. “I think that’s the most wonderful opportunity in the world—to make a connection with another human being. It’s more important than making $200,000 a year or getting a big house and nice car—having trusting, equal, respectful connections with another human being. For me, the kids give me that gift.”

Bill has been a volunteer at Hutton House for over 7 years, and still continues his weekly schedule. “I get to offer what I know as an old person and what I’ve learned about taking care of yourself and being good to yourself,” Bill says. “Volunteering is such a great thing to do, such a rewarding thing to do. There’s so much you can contribute to the world and contribute to yourself. I feel like there’s just a lot more you can give to the world and get back at the same time.”


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